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There is no shortage of big names for the Chinese leaders of the Military Games, and Yuan Xinyue leads the stars

There is no shortage of “big names” for the Chinese leaders of the Military Games, and Yuan Xinyue leads the stars
Beijing News On the evening of October 18, the 7th World Military Games (hereinafter referred to as the Military Games) opened in Wuhan, China.A total of 9,308 soldiers from 109 countries signed up for the current military games, and the scale of the games was the largest in history.The Chinese army has organized the largest sports event in the history of 553 people, including 406 players, many of which are world champions and Olympic champions.China entered the opening ceremony at the beginning.Sauna, night net Tao Ranshe Yuan Xinyue At the end of September, Yuan Xinyue helped the Chinese women’s volleyball team win the Women’s Volleyball World Cup championship with 11 consecutive victories.As one of the main players of the Bayi Women’s Volleyball Team, Yuan Xinyue has already appeared on the arena of the National Games. At present, the Bayi Women’s Volleyball Team has also won two consecutive victories.At the opening ceremony of the Military Games on the evening of the 18th, Yuan Xinyue took an oath as a representative of the athletes.Li Xuerui Born in 1991, Li Xuerui became famous in the 2010 Asian Championship finals by beating Indian star Neval.In the 2012 London Olympics, she went all the way as a “dark horse” in the national feathers, reached the finals, and finally defeated teammate Wang Yihan to win the gold medal.The day before yesterday, the World Badminton Federation just announced that Li Xuerui withdrew from the international arena, this year’s military games or the last competition she participated in.Fan Zhendong established the table tennis project for the first time in the current military games. Fan Zhendong, as one of the main players of the national team, will play on behalf of the Bayi table tennis team.In the men ‘s singles final of the ITTF German Open, Fan Zhendong defeated his teammate Xu Xin to win the first title of the World Tour this season.Jin Yongde was born in February 1976. Jin Yongde officials had participated in the three World Military Games. The team leading to them won a total of 16 gold medals at the World Military Games.In 2014, Jin Yongde and teammates Ding Feng and Li Chuanlin won the men’s 25m standard pistol team gold medal at the Incheon Asian Games.In addition, there are also many international famous players participating in this military games, including the 2012 London Olympics men ‘s diving champion, Russian star Ilya Zakharov, London Olympic gold medalist, Brazilian star Atul Zanetti.Beijing News Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofread He Yan