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A-share pressure measurement K-line launches incremental letter Phi to strengthen ESG resumption is key

A-share “pressure measurement K-line” launches incremental letter Phi to strengthen ESG resumption is key

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  The original title of 21st Century Business Herald: A share five-day “pressure measurement K-line” emergency start of incremental letters to strengthen ESG resumption of work is still key years ago. Various predictions tried to outline the trend of economic development in 2020.

I can’t imagine that the epidemic will become an absolute keyword.

  Five days after the market opened, the capital market also fluctuated with the development of the epidemic.

  According to statistics from the 21st Century Business Herald, more than 200 listed companies have urgently launched incremental letters on the epidemic.

  Among them, there are both the development of epidemic-related products such as viral nucleic acid detection kits, as well as multi-party donations for donations and supplies, and there is no shortage of epidemic effects on production and management and responses.

  In particular, the impact of the epidemic on the industry and the problems faced by resumption of work can be seen through the various butterfly effects caused by the epidemic.

  If the performance impact is sandboxed, some listed capital operations may inevitably be affected.

  Essentially, the central and local policies to support the development of enterprises continue to be promulgated.

  The announcement of the increase in the number of epidemic cases is an important window for listed companies to communicate with the market.

  This time, the C position was reserved for the epidemic.

  21st Century Business Herald reporter based on incomplete statistics of keywords. As of the evening of February 7, a total of nearly 300 outbreak-related announcements of A shares were issued, mainly related to donation information, the impact of the outbreak on the production and operation of listed companies, and the response to the outbreak.Product development and production progress revealed.

  It should be noted that according to the information disclosure rules of listed companies, most of these announcements are voluntary disclosures.

Too many listed companies also directly stated in the title of the announcement that it was a “Voluntary Disclosure Announcement on XXX.”

  ”There is no fixed format, and we also refer to the disclosures made by other public listed companies.

“On February 7, a person from the securities department of a listed company that disclosed the impact of the epidemic told reporters.

  The preliminary epidemic-related announcements inquired by the reporter were the company listed on the science and technology board, Shuo Shi Biological (688399).

(SH) “Information on New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit and Coronavirus Universal Nucleic Acid Detection Kit” disclosed on January 14.

It pointed out that, in response to the outbreak caused by the new coronavirus in Wuhan, the company developed a new coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit and a coronavirus universal nucleic acid detection kit based on fluorescent PCR technology on January 13, 2020. The above products are only used for new typesCoronaviruses and other coronaviruses are not used for treatment.

The only scientific research products of the above products do not need to obtain a product registration certificate.

  ”The above products will not affect the company’s current income and profits, nor will they constitute a new business or a change in its main business.

“It means.

  This announcement was long before Zhong Nanshan made it clear on January 20 that the risk of “human-to-human transmission” of the virus caused widespread public recognition.

  On January 10, the genetic sequence of the new coronavirus was determined.

The first level of the virus was completed by a collaborative team led by Professor Zhang Yongzhen of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of Fudan University.

The org website is public and has been uploaded to GenBank.

After the gene sequence is completed, various in vitro diagnostic companies can use this as a basis to develop a nucleic acid detection kit.

  The coronavirus sequence was unveiled on the 10th. The five listed companies of BGI, Daan Gene, Kehua Bio, Wanfu Bio, and Shushi Bio have all publicly stated that the corresponding detection kits 青岛夜网 have been successfully developed.The intervention and use in multiple disease control centers have been completed, and Daan Gene’s products are waiting to obtain formal registration qualifications.

  In the face of the epidemic, many companies donated money and materials to take advantage of their advantages to participate in the fight against the epidemic, which was also reflected in the announcement of listed companies.

  According to incomplete statistics from 21st Century Business Herald reporters, listed companies issued donation information announcements, accounting for most of the announcements related to the outbreak.

  On January 25, Changjiang Securities (000783).

SZ) issued the first donation announcement related to the epidemic, and agreed to donate a total of 10 million yuan to seven host hospitals in Wuhan to support the frontline of the epidemic area in combating new coronavirus pneumonia.

  ”After the epidemic, we purchased millions of protective materials overseas and donated them to the country. When they were about to land, the leaders said that they would prepare a public announcement.

A source from the securities department of a listed company that disclosed donation information told reporters.

  Numerous donation announcements show the assistance of A-share listed companies in all directions under the epidemic. According to 21st Century Business Herald reporters, the listed companies’ assistance does not stop with the disclosure of the announcement.

  According to statistics from the China Listed Companies Association on February 6, about 800 listed companies have participated in the assistance.

While the reporter was in the process of understanding the details of the donation, some listed companies said that the epidemic situation was continuing, and declined to further explain the donation action.

  The information displayed is extremely diversified, which is related to the announcement of the production and operation of listed companies.  For example, on the eve of the opening of the market, Hudian shares (002463.

SZ) announced that some factories were postponed to resume work. The company ‘s factory located at No. 1 Donglong Road, Yushan Town, Kunshan City was postponed to resume work on February 10, 2020; the company ‘s wholly-owned subsidiaries Kunshan Huli Microelectronics Co., Ltd. and Huangshi Hushi ElectronicsAs the company did not stop production during the Spring Festival, it maintained its production on the basis of strict epidemic prevention and control measures.

  Hudian shares said, “In a very unusual period, the company will always maintain close communication with relevant parties, timely listen to the needs of employees, customers, suppliers, government and other stakeholders related to the epidemic situation, and hope to coordinate resources with many stakeholders,Together, we will overcome the many challenges posed by the epidemic.

However, due to the decrease in working days and production scale, and other factors, there are some relative impacts on the company’s operating performance in the first quarter of 2020. Investors are kindly requested to make rational investments and pay attention to investment risks.

“It is worth mentioning that in this incremental letter related to the epidemic, the words” corporate social responsibility “,” stakeholders “and other corporate social responsibility (CSR) terms have become conversion words, or can be regarded as mandatory disclosure of A sharesExercise before ESG report.

  Song Zhiping, Chairman of the China Listed Companies Association, said recently that the Association of Listed Companies will work with the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange to actively promote the broadening of social responsibility reporting and the promotion of ESG reports, and promote the full coverage of ESG reports by listed companies as soon as possibleESG report guidelines will be published as soon as possible.

  The issue of resumption of work is imminent. 21st Century Business Herald reporters learned in an interview that “return to work” has become the focus of concern of many enterprises today.

  The chairman of a listed company in a Huawei industrial chain frankly told reporters that he has not yet resumed work, and realized that it is mainly the pressure of timely delivery.

“There are still many orders from customers. Huawei hopes that we will deliver them as soon as possible. The replacement of the resumption time will have some impact.

Huawei is urging shipments every day, from No. 3 to now.

“He admitted.

  According to the plan, its company plans to resume work on February 10.

  According to the latest situation, the resumption time in various parts of the country still has variables.

For some companies that are closely related to upstream and downstream, even if they can resume work quickly, it is still difficult to determine when the upstream and downstream supporting companies in the industry chain will resume work.

  Under the severe epidemic situation, some areas have further strengthened personnel control and traffic disruptions.

  Judging from the resumption time, at the beginning, Hubei Province planned to resume work on February 14th, which was later than the nationwide resumption time.

  ”We have a client of a listed company who plans to disclose its annual report in March. The company had planned to open the company for a month or so for annual review. Now we can only work at home and so on. We will wait until Hubei starts construction on February 14.

“On February 2, an accountant in charge of the auditing business of one of the eight largest Wuhan institutes told a 21st Century Business Herald reporter.

  However, it pointed out that “it is said that remote auditing is possible, but in general, some verification procedures have to be done on site.

“” As far as this epidemic is concerned, Wuhan and Hubei have certain advantages in the electronic communications, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries. The suspension of production and the delayed resumption of related enterprises may impact other enterprises in the industry chain.

An employee brokerage strategy analyst believes.

  Through the development of the epidemic, more detailed resumption arrangements have been gradually introduced.

  On February 7, Hangzhou City announced that from February 10, Hangzhou City enterprises will resume work to implement a return to work filing system, which will be resumed in an orderly manner.

Specifically, under the plan to meet the epidemic prevention and control conditions, each enterprise will be replaced on February 10, February 15, and February 20 to resume work.

All enterprises’ legal territorial governments shall not resume work without authorization after review and approval.

  On the afternoon of February 6, Zhengzhou City’s new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic prevention and control leading group issued Announcement No. 10 to make arrangements for the resumption of production and safety of industrial enterprises, service industries and construction projects throughout the city during the epidemic prevention and control period.

According to their priorities, each enterprise resumed production in three batches on February 10, February 17, and February 24, respectively.

  ”Now I still review the company’s report before writing it at home, but now the unit being audited has not yet gone to work, and many materials cannot be provided.

Before, Hubei Province was the latest, and now Zhengzhou listed companies that we want to audit the annual report will not resume work until March.

On February 7, the accountant who inherited the Wuhan Institute told reporters.

  The senior chairman frankly told reporters that an important issue at present is how to make arrangements for resuming work while controlling the epidemic situation. “The industry chain is interlocked.”

  The reporter learned that for example, anti-epidemic materials production enterprises such as Gaode Infrared, Golden Shield Co., Ltd. and Red Phase Technology have been included in the key guarantee list of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the green channels have been opened for the materials and logistics required for production services.

  ”Although Wuhan and Hubei are subject to traffic control, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has included Gaode Company in the key protection list. It now gives a green light to the company’s materials and logistics. At the same time, it has also submitted a list of raw materials companies that have not resumed work.There is no problem with raw material procurement.

Gaode Infrared said in response to the agency’s question about the supply of raw materials.

  ”By February 6, the company ‘s human body temperature measuring camera had been calibrated for more than a thousand sets. At present, the orders in hand are saturated and production is overtime.

“Golden Shield said.

  According to the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, more companies, especially those that are manpower-intensive and rely on strong industrial chains, are still facing the test of resumption of work, and even have a certain impact on performance.

  The continuation of the epidemic trend of the pressure measurement capital operation trend, and some deeper impacts will inevitably occur. For example, changes in financial data may affect the capital operation of listed companies and companies to be listed.

  As of the evening of February 7, five trading days since the opening of the market, 21 listed companies have issued supplementary pledge announcements.

  For listed companies, if the epidemic situation hinders the company’s performance, it may affect the subsequent refinancing.”For example, the issue of convertible bonds has relatively high financial requirements for listed companies.

“An investment banker in South China pointed out.

  Nearly 500 companies that are still waiting for listing may also be affected by the epidemic.

  From the perspective of Hubei, there are currently 6 IPO companies with registered sites in Hubei. They are Xiangyun shares sprinting on the main board, Junyao Health, sprinting Huisheng creatures on the GEM, and expressive language alliances on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board.As well as prefamily creatures.

  ”Catering, logistics, and the performance of some listed companies that cannot start on time may be affected, as reflected in the financial data that follows.

However, these effects can be explained later in the prospectus and feedback, and the SFC should also consider it as appropriate.

“Investors from an army IPO of a large securities firm in South China told reporters.